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Everyone has their own passion about work and hobby, same is with me but with little difference. Cooking is everything for me, you can say my passion, my love, hobby and profession. I love to share my cooking experience and new food recipes from different culture and region. On my platform I want to share easy, approachable and healthy reacipes that can be made in our day by day life which gives freshness to our daily food. My ultimate goal is to inspire you with great flavoured food that is exciting and approachable, that you can cook for your family, friends and loved ones. So lets start cooking with me , I hope your support and love will shower on me, please like,comment and share my efforts.

Delicious Cake

We offer delicious home made cake of all types. We love to deliver you amazing cake for your celebration or events

Learn Cooking From Us

You love cooking but not able to cook various dishes, do not worry join us for learning cooking from scratch. We will provide you a better learning option.

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    Amazing efforts for the people who loves delicious food. The way you represent your recipes is quite interesting. Specially your snacks recipes delights me. Variety of dishes and nutrition food recipes amaze me make me curious to find more from you. Keep posting new dishes.

    Snehal Rao, Maputo